Alphaa MEA formerly known as Triumph Expolink was incorporated in 1996 by Mr. Rajeev Bhargava currently the MD and CEO of the company.
The company started in 1996 to make a team of Buyers and suppliers and work towards a common goal so that it could create a win-win situation for all, and thus achieve their goal of making life long partnerships.
And hence the company has added, 30 distributors in 22 countries, and has managed to retain each one of them up to date.
Now Alphaa has their in-house brand CRUZER manufactured from India, China & Sri Lanka.
The company also holds the sole distributorship of Birla Tyres in UAE, Afghanistan & Pakistan.

Alphaa MEA General Trading l.l.c M.1-Royal Auto Center.Makhtoum
Hospital Road,P.O.Box No: 41810,
Deira Dubai (U.A.E)
T +971-4-2590091
F +971-4-2590091

There are not many who would understand the tire trade much better than Mr. Rajeev Bhargava, the Managing Director of Alphaa MEA General Trading L.L.C. With over 35 years of experience in the trade, he truly understands the responsibilities of a company towards its employees, distributors, suppliers, environment and the society.